The Camp-site

ha! the camp-site, one does not like or one does not like.

 First of all before acquiring a tent, ensure to be caught at least an additional place. If you are two take a tent for three. In any case for Canadian. Ensure that it has a double roof. That seems logical but certain great surfaces do not hesitate with you fourguer of the tents certainly light but completely ineffective in the event of rain sic!

This year I have make 3 weeks of camp-site in the south of France by basing me only on my experiment (of my tender youth: -) but also on the guide of the Camp-site Caravanning 1998 from Michelin.

Small note on the guide: It is alas a very incomplete and very exhaustive guide. Many camp-sites are not missing, the reservation " term " does not seem to correspond to that which can be done a simple camper with his tent, and certain descriptions of the camp-site were not checked (see further).
Response of Michelin: " We specify you that our Guide CAMP-SITE CARAVANNING FRANCE is not a repertory of all the camps existants.(...)
These camps are selected according to investigations carried out on the spot by the Attaches of our Services and the whole of the observations and received opinions of the users. "

If you want to eat on the spot and contrary to what can be indicated in the guide, inform well if the camp-site that you chose has a snack bar or pizzeria. In the majority of the cases, the snack bar is limited to fried sausages and the pizzeria to a categorical refusal! (lived in Antibes).

In any case the season July-August is intolerable on the dimension (in any case in camp-site). You are accomodated there like an additional ball, you share a site with 4, the maintenance of the conveniences does not follow more. In short, unless coming to on the spot plant the caravan during 1mois and to bronze on the range you are likely quickly to be disappointed and... mown!

If you seek peace without leaving the sun, going for pretty walk, to visit and even to bathe you, advance a little more in the grounds. You will find there supers corners in the surroundings of the Gorges of the Verdon, with very sympathetic camp-sites and a very good greeting.

If you are in the area of Montpellier, and do not want you ruin in the hirings on the edges of the Large Mound, choose a camp-site a little more in the grounds (in the area of Lunel for example). It is to 15 Million of the range in the car and will be much quieter there to you. Moreover in this kind of city, there are many occasions for you to amuse there.

A small questionnaire? (in English): Questionnaire

The leisure of the camper: Animation Flash

Some safety requirements (drawn from plates distributed by the S.D.I.S, Departmental Service of Fire and Help of the VAr): in the forest and the Verdon .

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Precautions for the travellers: Pasteur
One does not present any more Bison Futé, the tariff of tolls: motorways , the guide of Routard

And here are, the summer holidays 2001 finish. This year we renewed part of our stay in Hérault at the border of Gard. If one day you go there or you please go back there here a small exhaustive list of our excursions with a small opinion perso and the prices if I find them; -).

The hall with the Birds Marseillan 34340 Exposure of 400 of species naturalized birds Very pretty and instructive  
Park of the dinosaurs Mèze 34140 Visit on a site of excavation of egg fossils of dinosaurs Impassioning within a very pleasant framework
Aquarium + museum of the sea Le Grau du Roi 30240 Musé recalls primarily the history of Grau Interesting and the marine animal-life always enthralling  
Museum of the Pond of Thau Bouzigues 34140 If you want to know about the breeding of oysters, moulds, shells Interesting 3.05 € / 2.74$
Mine pilot of Alès Alès 30101 Visit of a pilot mine and the history of the life of the minors Impassioning 5.79 € / 5.21$
The house of liquor St Florent Auzonnet 30960 Liquor shop The liquors are many and delicious. The visit of distilling is not done. For the assoiffer only Free !!
Cave of Clamousse Saint Jean de Fos 34150   Superb and refreshing.
Do not forget while leaving a small turn in the throats Hérault
The Whale Aigues-Mortes  Visit in the small train of the salt makers Interesting. 5.34 €
Not far you can visit the city strengthen
Ornithological park of Isles St Julien de Cassagnas 30500 Park of 1 000 birds Impassioning within a very pleasant framework  
Cave of Cocalière Saint Ambroix 30500   Superb and refreshing. It's a pity that one is also numerous for the visit and that the guide this day there is a little speed.  
Ecomusée of the Bee and the Local Flora Faugères 34600 Exposed on the bee and manufacture / harvest of honey For that which there know nothing in bee and which adores honey, it is a good occasion  
Museum of the Bell and Sonnaille Hérépian 34600 History of the bell.
Visit foundry
Impassioning and diverting
Marineland Antibes Parc de la mer Incontournable  
Grottes des Demoiselles Saint Bauzille de Putois 34190   Superbe et rafraîchissante  
Atlantide Parc Saint Jean du Gard Aquarium Divertissant (ne chercher pas l'Atlantide)  
OK Corral Cuges les pins 13780 Parc attraction 85 F environ. Divertissant mais ne chercher pas le sourir des hôtes  
Caves-Byrrh Thuir 66301 La plus grande cuve en chêne du monde instructif  
Sigean Sigean 11130 Réserve Africaine Parc animalier  
MAs d'Andos Villeneuve les Maguelone 34750 Elevage d'Autruche instructif. 20 F  
Fort de Brescou Agde 34302 Visite forteresse instructif 15 F  
Abbaye de Fontfroide   visite interessant et dans superbe cadre  
La Bambouseraie Anduze 30140 Parc Passionant.  
Puy du Fou Les Epesses 85590 Parc attraction Superbe mais ouf que de monde.