Siège : 4 rue Marcel Rivière - 78320 La VERRIERE.

Terrain : Stade Municipal Philippe Cousteau

The drive takes place Wednesday and Friday of 20 H with 22 H at the Stage

O Plan access (with software Route 66)
La Verrière forms part of the New City of Quentin Saint in Yvelines, between Versailles and Rambouillet

Regle of the play of bowls (thanks to FFPJP) file in PDF : Clic here


Calendrier 2003

Contests friendly :

Vendredi 25 avril : doublettes formées ouvert à tous (nocturne)

Vendredi 16 mai : tête à tête réservé aux adhérents du club (nocturne)

Vendredi 6 juin : doublettes formées ouvert à tous (nocturne)

Vendredi 12 septembre : tête à tête réservé aux adhérents du club (nocturne)

Vendredi 19 septembre : doublettes formées ouvert à tous (nocturne)

Dimanche 21 septembre* : doublettes melées ouvert à tous (après midi 14 h) - Terrain Orly-Parc 2

Vendredi 10 octobre : doublettes formées ouvert à tous (nocturne)

Dimanche 23 novembre : doublettes formées ouvert à tous (après midi 14 h)



Le Club de Pétanque de La Verrière remercie tous les joueurs (Paris, Garches, Villepreux, St Près... et habitués) d'avoir bien voulu assister à nos concours.

Contests official :

Dimanche 20 avril : Doublettes promotion -  Fin inscription - 14h15

Dimanche 26 octobre : Doublettes Promotion ( challenge de la ville) - Fin inscription - 14h15




Therefore far that can go up the archaeological excavations (and the Web), the set of balls is found of ancient Egypt in Gaule. Game of bowls comes from the name " pés tanqués " (joined feet). A rule well quickly forgotten since nowadays the major part of the players and especially of the gunners would be to blame. Very popularized in the south of France, this discipline is however practised everywhere in the world. The principal tools are simple and not very expensive.
A triplette of " hollow " ball. All other produced methyl or phényl is prohibited (and it is not only to avoid encephalopathy!).
The diameters and weights vary. A measuring instrument (meter or measuring rod - to prick the radio antenna of the car of your father ;-), a boxwood jack if possible. The plastic jacks are certainly pretty but only the fact of passing to with dimensions moves it of one meter.

It is necessary for you to be patient, pleasant and good player. Admittedly that is not single with Game of bowls, but the fact of playing a whole day in good mood it is as even more sympathetic than to treat to the mugs than one can see on C+. The more so as the stake is far from being the same one.

The parts are done in 13 points except exceptions (11). That is played at the head with head, doublette, triplette to see even quadrette (ever tested... too dangerous; -). The first arrived at thirteen gained the part, and that in as much of carry out that it will be necessary. The jet of the goal is done between 6 and 10 meters for the seniors (and not with the face of the adversary). For the doublette it y in general a pointer and a gunner and each one made its office according to the strategy of the team game. However you can make revolving (you play in permanent medium). Ca can divert the
opposing team but request for your share a little more concentration.

Game of bowls can be played about on any ground, of the range to the vague ground, while passing by the carpark of your town hall and the ground of foot of your commune. Tested however not the swimming pool, the waterpétanque one is appreciated by not initiated very little. Moreover this play can be also practised under any time: rain,
freezing, wind... Whereas all " sportsman " says that game of bowls is not a sport, and I awaits it on the ground!!!

The pétanqueurs or Game of bowls has bad reputation near the people who do not practise. The alcoholic drink there is often associated. That for 2 essential reasons. On the one hand tournaments lasts on average a good half-day and must preserve a certain environment friendship to see of a certain weak machist. In addition, the means of subsistence of a club is primarily the re-entry of money via the " refreshment bar ". Indeed the contribution of the commune is often
insufficient. The settings deposited with the inscription of a contest are completely distributed to gaining. The receipts carried out can pay the loads of a club as well as the expenses of referees and the inscriptions with various challenges. That does not certainly excuse excesses which one can note.

For more precision on the rules of Game of bowls you can higher download the imported file of the site of the FFPJP (only in French).

From this year the French Federation of Game of bowls laid us a new regulation on mainly the organization of the contests which goes against what can represent Game of bowls, in any case for 95 % to the practise, i.e. a leisure. This new regulation kills the small clubs and the motivation of the players. In order to derive towards professionalism and can be the Olympic Games, the Federation will be the cause of the disappearance of at least of a quarter of the clubs
of game of bowls in Yvelines this year, and certainly the disengagement of many clubs towards the Federation, and the increase in contest wild. Indeed it would be time that the Federation understands, that well beyond a statute in the world of the sport, Game of bowls is first of all a discipline which is addressed to all and all, of any age, which is essential its level, that is essential the importance of the club... It is all that which it is necessary to encourage, and not only media demonstrations.

It is very little probable that the Federation reconsiders their step, as I hope as the friendly contests and the other federations will propose to the " players ", of the palliatives much more representative of the spirit of Game of bowls.

- 30/09/01 : Championship of the world France 15 - Tunisia 4